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social media mistakes

Social media is a vast landscape of ways for agents to market themselves and grow their business.  But some agents are making dangerous mistakes that could cost them their business, their reputation, and even their license. Let’s see if you’re making any of these social media mistakes and how we can fix it!

1 \\ Posting real estate advice on personal accounts

First off, you need to create a separate account for your real estate business because giving out real estate advice on your personal social media pages is just confusing for your followers and it could also be breaking the rules of your broker’s social media policy.   If your broker doesn’t have a social media policy then write your own and start by reading through the guidelines set forth by the National Association of Realtors.

2 \\ Only posting about their new listings

Chances are, your followers will unfollow your ass in a hot minute if all they see are advertisements from you about your listings.  It’s okay to sprinkles in a few every once in a while but if you do so, be sure to include some long form content with gleaming professional photos to give the post some value.  Instead of spamming your listings on your social media accounts, provide your followers with valuable content they can easily consume and put to use.

3 \\ Posting photos of clients without permission

I know that closing day is a wonderful day and it’s exciting for your clients to have that classic family photo in from of the house holding a sold sign.  But do not, I repeat, do not tag or add photos of your clients to your social media accounts without prior permission.  Real estate transactions are private and confidential; why would that change on closing day?  In all reality, you shouldn’t have too many clients that will resist you posting a congratulatory photo to your social media account but that’s their decision to make, not yours.

If your clients prefer to keep their faces and transaction private, create a post on your social media account telling a story about the transaction.  Without using their names, describe how you met them, how you helped them, and how happy you are for them.  This is a great way to reinforce your professionalism for keeping your client’s personal information confidential and it shows your followers how much you care about the process and your clients’ experience.

4 \\ Leaving out proper disclosures

Ethics violations aren’t very hard to avoid during client facing meetings but social media tends to be a place where people feel like they can say whatever they want.  As a licensed real estate agent, you have a red flag on your back and you need to be aware of the rules regarding what you’re allowed to say, even if it’s just your opinion.

Include the following disclosures on each of your social media posts on business accounts:

  • Licensed in (state)
  • Realtor (only if you’re a Realtor of course)
  • Your Broker’s Name
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5 \\ Radio silence

Having a social media business account is pointless if you aren’t going to be active on it.  If fact, a stale social media account is much worse than none at all.  So if you’re not the social media type then just be self aware and choose a different way to reach your sphere.  Post consistently about local events, closings, or your behind the scenes activities.

The point here is two fold.  You want to show your network nah you’re busy while providing them with interesting and useful information.  Try to include your email, phone number, link to your agent website or blog, and proper designations and disclosures at the bottom of each post.

6 \\ Venting

Venting about work on your social media accounts can be detrimental to your reputation indeed.  But by doing so, you could also be putting yourself at risk of committing an ethics violation.  Find other places to let off steam about difficult clients, unruly agents, and lazy mortgage brokers.  It comes off as unprofessional, immature, and could actually bring on bigger problems than the one you’re venting about.  This is one of my favorite Facebook pages to follow for hilarious memes that only real estate agents could appreciate.

Better places to vent:

  • to other agents you trust
  • to your broker
  • to your mentor

7 \\ Posting political, religious, or controversial content

Again… save this type of content for your personal social media accounts.  Your business account should include valuable content, news about your community, and evidence of how busy you are as a licensed real estate agent.  If you’re followers would like to follow your personal posts it won’t be difficult for them to find your personal page.

With love, respect, and good vibes…



Jenna Martindale

Jenna Martindale

Jenna Martindale teaches online courses and workshops for new + experienced real estate agents who want to enhance their skills, grow their business, and live the life of their dreams.She believes it’s always the right time for coffee and that if there's a heaven it's a pool filled with golden retreivers.
Jenna Martindale