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Searching for sample listing presentations can be a bit overwhelming.  After all, there are over 1.4 million sample listing presentations on slideshare.net alone.

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re building your listing presentation and it’s hard to know what to include that will convert your appointments into listings.  Before we get into the best sample listing presentations on the internet, let’s talk about what not to include in your listing presentations.

The Don’ts of Listing Presentations:

Leave your cell phone on

I fully understand that most people would have the sense to refrain from actually answering a phone call or replying to an email during a listing appointment; however, one ping or ring could break everyone’s focus and derail your presentation.  Leave your phone in your car or turn it off before you walk through the front door.

Dress casually

I’ve talked previously about the importance of dressing the part but I’m going to touch on this topic again because it’s one of the most common infractions and the easiest way to destroy your conversions.

Whether we like it or not, real estate sales is an industry where you are judged on many levels, sometimes even before a person has seen or met you and dressing like a top agent will most definitely help your cause.  You don’t need to go out and buy 5 new designer suits.  When I started I was shopping at Target, TJMAXX, and Forever21, (I was 25).  I created a capsule wardrobe of sorts and here’s what it looked like.

Dressing the part on a budget

  • 3 Blazers in black, navy, & gray.  I usually paid less than $35 each for these.
  • Target flats were and still are a staple.  I work in Minnesota so between snowy winters and muddy construction sites… I’m hard on my shoes.  Again, these are usually between $15-30 depending on if I got them on sale.  I purchase a new pair in black and brown about once a year.
  • I’d purchase about 5-7 versatile blouses from Forever21.  I tend to go for sleeveless so I can wear them for all seasons and they’re easy to layer with cardigans or blazers.
  • TJMAXX is the holy grail and the main source of my wardrobe these days.  I buy all of my slacks, blazers, sweaters, shoes there and usually don’t pay more than $50 for any one item.

See… it’s not difficult or expensive to dress like a top agent.  My advice would be to invest in black and white items first.  They are the most versatile, always classic, and will make you look like the professional you are.

Show up late

I’m mean, this isn’t a hard one to avoid (for most people) but I’ve always followed a simple rule in life.  If you’re on time, you’re late.  Arriving 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled meeting time is the sweet spot.  If that means you have to leave 30 minutes early and park two blocks away and sit for 20 minutes to make sure you’re not late then that’s what you do.

Come without comps

When you walk into your listing appointment the only thing on the seller’s mind is, “how much can they sell my house for”.  So if you’re walking in with a price opinion (which you should be) you better be prepared to back it up.

One awesome tip I learned from another agent is to print off photos of the kitchens and bathrooms of the home you’re trying to list along with the kitchen and bathroom photos of the most accurate comparable.  Don’t include the addresses or pricing but asking the sellers to choose which kitchen or bathroom is more expensive looking to them.  This will turn the tables on them and they’ll find themselves pricing their home themselves, at the price you’ve already come up with.

Say you have a buyer when you don’t

Over promising and under delivering is a disaster EVERY TIME and is something the you need to train yourself to avoid very early on in your real estate career.  Lying is taking things a step further and whether you really are Santa or you smell like beef and cheese, sitting on a throne of lies in the real estate world will give you nothing but trouble.  Can we get a round of applause for that Elf reference, please?

If you truly have a buyer then by all means, bring a one time showing contract with you and schedule the showing appointment right then and there.  If you don’t, simply point out how many homes have sold in their neighborhood and make the case for supply and demand.

Tip toe around serious issues

Listen, this is real estate; issues do exist with every transaction and they WILL show up at the most inopportune time if you don’t address them early on.  Make it a point to make your sellers feel comfortable asking you any question and be sure to explain implications for failure to disclose certain facts.

Having a calm and direct style of communication shows maturity and professionalism.  Adopt this into your business plan and make a conscious effort to have the difficult conversations early on.

Leave them with nothing

Lots of agents are using laptops or tablets to present these days and that’s great!  But if you leave the sellers with nothing but your business card and lots of questions with nothing to reference back to you’re guaranteeing the listing goes to your competitor, whether they were planning to interview other agents or not.

I leave a red Edina Realty folder behind after all my listing appointments.  It includes things like:

  • The full CMA with comps
  • My executive marketing plan
  • Seller FAQ’s
  • Agency Disclosure Form
  • The seller’s homework

Bash the competition

Nothing is more desperate or unprofessional than bashing your competition.  Even if the sellers ask your opinion stay Switzerland and give that agent a compliment (as broad as that may be), and move on to why you are the agent they want to choose.  Keeping  the focus on you without going to the dark side will always, always bode well for you in the end.

Alright, let us begin with the best listing presentations I found while scouring the inter webs!  They all marry the most important and effective tactics and I’ve given each of them my own little review so you can take what you like and leave what you don’t!

The Best Sample Listing Presentations on the Internet

Include High Quality Photos

This one’s a doozy.  It doesn’t get any more professional and unique looking than this.  What TONS of agents miss when choosing a sample listing presentation is including high quality photos.  The reason to include photos of happy clients is to give your prospective seller a vision for their future if they list with you.

Lay a Clear Path

Fear of the unknown is a huge road block but this presentation walks the seller through the process of the listing presentation before the actual presentation even begins.  When the seller sees that you’re willing to take the time to explain things to this extent they’ll trust you immediately.

Show Your Value

Right out of the gate the team is highlighting how much value they can provide with a diversified team of specialists.  Adding social proof at the very beginning of the presentation helps to add consumer confidence.

Keep it Simple

This team keeps their slides clean and on brand with the same color pallet throughout.

Go Above and Beyond

I love that they encourage their sellers to get a pre-inspection prior to listing their home.  I personally include this in my listing presentation as well and find that my listings are more marketable, the listing period is shorter, and the transaction goes smoother.

Get to the Point

This agent delivers their value better in this presentation than any of the others. Some listing presentations can feel choppy and unnatural but this presentation has a very balanced and clear path.

Include Prompts for Yourself

I love seeing sample listing presentations that include some type of script for the agent.  As you know, a listing appointment is one of the most nerve raking appointments you’ll experience as an agent.  Having slides built in to prompt you and guide you through the presentation will do wonders for your confidence and the flow of the presentation.

Stay on Brand

This sample listing presentation gets to the point VERY quickly!  The very first slides clearly state the agent’s value and their promise to the seller.  The voice of their brand comes through very clearly which is VITAL for that agent to become  more memorable.

This sample listing presentation is very visually appealing, interactive, and proves how detail oriented the agent is.  This is one has some golden nuggets in it!

Tailor the Message

I’ve mentioned tailoring your content for a specific prospect before and this sample listing presentation speaks to that sentiment.  This agent has tailored a listing presentation to speak directly to sellers who’s listings have expired.  This is a clear, no nonsense, problem solving approach that a frustrated seller will appreciate and actually listen to.

How to Create Your Own Listing Presentation

My advice would be to print off each slide from these sample listing presentations and start prioritizing which slides speak to you and your style and throw the rest.

If you notice, the BEST sample listing presentations are around 30 slides.  This is the sweet spot you should try to stay within.  Any longer and you’re likely going to lose the interest of the sellers.

Once you’ve got a physical listing presentation done you’ll want to make sure you can actually get in front of those prospective sellers.  This video on Mike Ferry’s YouTube channel is absolute gold.  Skip to 3:55 to get to good stuff.

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What’s the hardest part of listing presentations for you right now?

Jenna Martindale

Jenna Martindale

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