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listing presentation template

I fully understand that coming up with the perfect real estate listing presentation template is really, really difficult.  You never really know what your competitor’s presentations look like so it’s hard to gage where yours is at.  And knowing what you should include in your real estate listing presentation template is a tough thing to figure out.

But you’re in luck because today I want to give you the formula for thee perfect listing presentation template and a little shortcut I think you might really enjoy.

Why you need a real estate listing presentation template

You’ll have more practice with it

By using the same real estate listing presentation template over and over again you’ll have this puppy memorized in no time!  And when you have something like this memorized it allows you to focus on your delivery.  Your delivery matters because if you’re nervous and stumbling on your words, your presentation isn’t going to have the right effect on your sellers.

Your service offerings will be more consistent over the years

By sticking to the same real estate listing presentation template you’ll be sure to keep your standards high in terms of service level.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget all the ways you help your clients and having a template will keep this in the forefront, forever.

And if you’re doing things right and getting referrals, your new clients will expect the same great service that their friends received.  So it’s best to stick with the same game plan for all of your listing appointments!

It’s easier to track and measure results

Having a real estate listing presentation template will help you figure out which aspects of your service offering or presentation are working best.  This way you can easily tweak your presentation if you are in the position to scale your business and take things to the next level.

Key components of a real estate listing template

Introduce yourself

Sometimes you’re going into a listing appointment blind – having never met the prospects face to face before.  And you can bet that your prospects are feeling a bit anxious about the meet and greet just like you.  So be the one to break the ice.  Create some report right off the bat by starting your presentation with a letter to them introducing yourself.

This letter should help them get to know you as a person and understand the core values you run your real estate business on.

Tell them what you have to offer and why you’re different

The next section of your real estate listing presentation template should include some proof of your results.  Any prospect is going to need to see that you’re capable of doing what you say you can do.  And there’s no better way to proof that than to outline some success stats from recent months/years.

Show them the process

Lots of anxiety that sellers feel during listing presentations is fear of the unknown.  They aren’t sure what’s involved in the meeting, how long it will take, or what you’ll ask of them.  It’s best to clear the air and confront common questions right away.  So take some time to tell them how the next 30-60 minutes will go and give them permission to stop you if they have questions.

This will create a very different vibe and will ensure your listing appointments are comfortable and productive for you and your prospects.

The same goes for the selling process in general.  Your real estate listing presentation template needs to include an outlined timeline of the home selling process.  I like to include this because it does a few things.  First, it eliminates some fears for the prospects because you’re showing them what to expect.  And second, it is a chance for you to explain how painless you’ll make the home selling process for them.

real estate listing presentation template

Spend time on your marketing plan

Most sellers are strictly interested in how you’ll sell their property and how much you’ll be able to sell it for.  And it’s pretty obvious that ‘yesterday’ is the desired sell by date.  But there is a way that you can really drive home how you can deliver on your promises to them.

Now the obvious step is to go over every detail of your marketing plan in great detail.  This part of your real estate listing presentation template should make them feel a bit overwhelmed.  And let me tell you why.

If you’re able to show them all the things you are capable of doing to sell their home they will not only believe that you can, but they’ll understand that they can’t do so on their own.  Creating a sense of ‘we need you’ is your goal in this part of the presentation.  But before you can present your marketing plan you’ll want to make sure they can hear  you when you do, and this is what I mean by that…

Educate & prime them

Before you go over 1.) your marketing plan or 2.) your price recommendation you need to educate and prime your prospects.  If you can articulate to your prospects that most buyers will be finding their home on x platform and your marketing plan completely blankets the market with advertising on x platform then they’ll sure as heck like your marketing plan a whole lot more knowing that information.

And if you help your prospects understand that over pricing their home will certainly increase their potential for profits but will decrease the number of interested buyers and create a longer timeline to see their home, then they’ll certainly be more receptive to a fair market value price recommendation.  You see how magical this is?

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The shortcut to a real estate listing presentation template

I know that going through all the components of the perfect listing presentation is great and all but that doesn’t mean you don’t still have to design and create the actual presentation.  So I’ve created a simple solution.  A pre-branded real estate listing presentation that’s fully customizable and ready for you to take home with you and start crushing your listing appointments.

I spent months researching listing presentations to find bits and pieces of gold and I’ve combined them into the perfect real estate listing presentation template.  You can find it here.  I hope this information was helpful to you and you’re out there killing it!

Jenna Martindale

Jenna Martindale

Jenna Martindale teaches online courses and workshops for new + experienced real estate agents who want to enhance their skills, grow their business, and live the life of their dreams.She believes it’s always the right time for coffee and that if there's a heaven it's a pool filled with golden retreivers.
Jenna Martindale