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drip marketing checklist

Starting a real estate drip marketing campaign isn’t always something a rookie agent is focusing on.  Maybe they’re doing all the things an agent with a successful drip marketing campaign is doing but they don’t have the direction needed to get leads from it.  I’m here to give you the business on a successful real estate drip marketing campaign and I’m even serving up a free 12-month campaign that you can start on today.

Build a Database

Any good real estate drip marketing campaign starts with a solid foundation of promising prospects to market to.  And who better to begin with than the people who already know and trust you?  As a new agent your database (aka sphere of influence) is your life blood!  You NEED to stop and build your database right now.  I’ve create a free database builder to help get you started.  With this list you’ll easily be able to bring your list to over 250 people.  Marketing to more people than that when you’re a rookie will most likely be out of your budget comfort zone anyway. Download it below!

Choose your audience

Your #1 audience for a drip marketing campaign should ALWAYS be your database (aka sphere of influence) but if you’re up for adding another group you’ll need another campaign specifically or them.  When you choose your audience for a new drip marketing campaign be cognizant of who your ideal clients are; those are the people who should be in your next campaign.

Think about where they live.  Where do they work?  How much do they bring in, in annual income?  What are their hobbies?  Knowing the answers to these questions will help you assign them to the correct campaign and avoid spending money on marketing efforts that don’t speak to their interests and/or pain points.

Examples of target audiences might include:

  • First time home buyers
  • Sellers
  • Empty nesters
  • Millennial’s
  • Physicians
  • Employees of the largest employer in your area
  • Luxury property owners

Some real estate marketing drip campaigns are based strictly off of geographic location; better known as a geofarm.  This is a preferred method and one of the easiest.  There are a few benefits to going this route.

It’s easier to find addresses

Basing your real estate drip marketing campaign off of prospecting to lawyers is a great plan but you’ll run into some difficulty finding their home addresses.  It’s possible, but it’ll take some time.  I’d advise starting with something easier like a geofarm approach.  Most mailing services and brokerages offer systems to help you mail to the “100 closest homes” to a certain address.

You can walk the neighborhood

Rather than driving all around town to 100 lawyers’ homes you will be able to canvas your geofarm neighborhood in about 30 minutes.

You become the neighborhood expert

Sending valuable information to the same neighborhood over many years will no doubt make you an expert.  This is much easier to do when you’re focusing on a geographical area.  There are endless possibilities when you go this route.  You could talk about nearby events, park maps, host block parties, and the list goes on.

Set the frequency

Any good real estate drip marketing campaign will drip on the audience about every 3 weeks.  That seems like quite a lot but any less and your efforts (and money) will have gone to waste.  Mix up the medium you use to deliver the content and this won’t feel so laborious.  Whether you choose to drip on your audience once per month or quarterly make sure you’re consistent.  Make a plan and commit to it.

Decide how many people you’ll drip on

If you’re going the geofarm route, your budget will likely determine this number but as mentioned above, you’ll want to start with at least 100 (ideally 300+) to avoid wasting lots of time and money.

The best part about dripping on your database (sphere of influence) is that you’ve probably got access to them electronically which means your correspondence is FREE!  This is yet another reason why all rookie agents should focus entirely on creating a real state drip marketing campaign around their database.

Create valuable content

A real estate drip marketing campaign that’s centered around commission coupons and your recent sales will be a waste of money and end in failure.  Focus your efforts on dripping content that your audience will find useful.  If you need some ideas for what to drip on your audience I’ve created a 12-month real estate drip marketing campaign for you to download for free.  Grab it below! 🙂

Decide on how you’ll deliver it

When I’m dripping on my database (sphere of influence) I like to mix up how I contact them to make it feel more natural.  I’ll make sure to send them a hand written note at least twice a year, send a few emails at the change of seasons, and sprinkle in social media messages and phone calls.

Here are a few more ways to deliver your valuable content:

  • email
  • social media
  • video
  • direct mail
  • text messages

Automate wherever possible

Emails are the easiest way to automate your real estate drip marketing campaign but strictly emailing your audience would be a bad idea.  My advice would be to automate what you can and accept that some of your time will be needed to nurture your audience.

Hand written notes can be automated and it’s worth looking into.  If you go this route it’ll cost you and know that your “notes” won’t be as personal but for annual Christmas cards this is a golden nugget.

Track  your results

Knowing which of your campaigns are working best will help you automate and scale your efforts in the future.  Blindly throwing thousands of dollars a month at a campaign that you aren’t tracking is suicide.  Please, track any inquiries, appointments, listings, sales, etc that you get from your real estate drip marketing campaigns.

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Jenna Martindale

Jenna Martindale

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