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How To Market Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

market yourself as a real estate agent

This question is popular amongst real estate agents across the board.  Whether you’re new or you’ve got 20 years under your belt, figuring out how to market yourself as a real estate agent and climb to the top of your market is really tough.  But as tough as it may be, it’s a really important […]

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7 of the Best Sample Listing Presentations on The Internet

sample listing presentations

Searching for sample listing presentations can be a bit overwhelming.  After all, there are over 1.4 million sample listing presentations on slideshare.net alone. There are a lot of things to consider when you’re building your listing presentation and it’s hard to know what to include that will convert your appointments into listings.  Before we get into the best […]

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11 Highly Effective Real Estate Prospecting Ideas

real estate prospecting ideas

Prospecting is such a broad term and that makes it hard to know what types of real estate prospecting ideas are best suited for your real estate business.  As a marketing major I’m used to taking the top down approach when coming up with a prospecting plan.  That combined with my experience as a real estate […]

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A Real Estate Drip Marketing Checklist

drip marketing checklist

Starting a real estate drip marketing campaign isn’t always something a rookie agent is focusing on.  Maybe they’re doing all the things an agent with a successful drip marketing campaign is doing but they don’t have the direction needed to get leads from it.  I’m here to give you the business on a successful real […]

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How To Crush Your First Year In Real Estate

your first year in real estate

Before I tell you how to “crush your first year” in real estate, I feel like you should know a bit about me and how I’ve gotten to where I am.  When I entered the real estate world professionally I began as a builder rep & marketing/recruiting manager for a local builder.  I was selling model […]

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