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This post is important.  Really, really important.  Talk is cheap.  And excuses are absolute poison to your business.  But we all do it.  Here are the most common ones that you, I, and everyone else in this industry have used to avoid what really needs to be done to truly grow their business.

Excuse #1: I don’t have the money.

Agents that don’t have any interest in continually growing and improving their craft baffle me.  In this business, we’ve got a ridiculous amount of competition and your fate as a real estate agent hinges on your ability to adapt, grow, and outperform others who are working to get the same damn business you are.

Now… I can’t tell you what’s best for your business; I can only tell you what took me to the six-figure level.  And I can tell you that I’m always willing to invest in the future of my business in the form of rock solid marketing materials, continuing education, and tools that make me a better agent.

The truth is that as independent contractors it’s a bit difficult to keep a budget; and therefore spend any kind of money on these types of things; however, that’s all the more reason to put a small percentage of your commissions away to put back into your business.  That is how businesses scale and grow after all.

Putting money back into your business by learning new things and ways to refine your craft will pay off hugely, every time.  In fact, the average investment, whether it be marketing materials or continuing education is anywhere between $100-500.  That’s less than 10% of your typical commission check.  In the grand scheme of things, that’s peanuts if it means you become the six-figure agent you’ve always wanted to be.

Just think about it… what if one tool, one course, or one piece of marketing material that took your real estate practice to the next level was paid for with one closed transaction?

Now do you think it may be an investment worth making?  Of course it is!

Excuse #2: I don’t have time.

I understand fully how a day can get away from you in this business.  The amount of distractions is staggering.  But that’s a straight up ass backwards excuse for not taking the time to improve your skills and work on your business.

You see, I’m guessing that since you’re reading this, you may have used this excuse in the past.  Maybe even today.  I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone.

I’m also here to tell you that this excuse will not get you to the next level.  It will kill your progress while you feel better about your unwillingness to focus your energy on working on your business as opposed to in it all of the time.

Point is simple… if your business isn’t where you want it to be then you’ve got the damn time.  The time to up your game.  And your commissions.  What you don’t have time for is more busy work that makes you feel like you’re getting things done when you really aren’t.

And let’s just get really real for a minute shall we?  How many episodes of The Walking Dead did you watch last weekend?  And how much, exactly, do Rick’s glorious hair and death stares help you with your business.  Zero.  Zip.  They don’t.

Take a few hours out of each weekday that you’re usually on your ass watching TV or scrolling through your social feeds and dig into a class, research how to run a FB ad, write your marketing plan, just do something that makes you better.  You’ve got the time, you’re just not using it correctly.

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Excuse #3: I don’t have the tools or resources.

There’s this website that will tell you anything you want to know.  How to do everything you want to do and everything you don’t.  How to grow your business, how to create a blog, where to find free photos for your marketing, who can help you with web development.

It’s called, google.com.

Okay, I’ll pull back the sass now.  But I know you may have used this excuse before to avoid doing something that would grow your business because you didn’t feel you had what it took to turn that product, course, app, tool into commission dollars.

I’m here to tell you that the tools, the resources to help you use those tools, and everything you need, have never been more accessible to you than they ar right now my friend.  We’re living in an era where information is literally seconds away at all times.

Start reaching out in FB Groups, ask questions, spend 10 minutes on Google before you decide that a certain improvement to your business isn’t possible for you.  Trust me, you’ll surprise yourself and once you accomplish something that you NEVER thought you could do, it feels damn good!

And the truth is… you’ll never know how successful you could have been if you don’t try things.  Go find those tools, apps, classes, books, videos.  They’re out there.  You’ve just got to keep digging.

Jenna Martindale

Jenna Martindale

Jenna Martindale teaches online courses and workshops for new + experienced real estate agents who want to enhance their skills, grow their business, and live the life of their dreams.She believes it’s always the right time for coffee and that if there's a heaven it's a pool filled with golden retreivers.
Jenna Martindale