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3 Real Estate Success Myths & Why They’re Untrue

real estate myths

Guys, there’s swearing in this post.  If you’re at all sensitive to that type of thing, you’ve been warned.  If you’re into that type of thing and want to shed some light on why your real estate career isn’t where you want it to be, listen up my friend. Myth #1: You have to buy your […]

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8 Things Every Top Real Estate Agent Has

top real estate agent traits

Everybody wants to be a top agent.  But not everyone is willing to do the things that top agents do.  And most of all, people grossly underestimate how much of the little stuff makes a difference in getting to the top agent status or not. Goals  Goal setting is a process that everyone is familiar […]

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Prospecting for Real Estate Leads: 19 Tips and Tricks

prospecting real estate leads

Prospecting for real estate leads is something many of us spend lots of time and energy on.  But how do we know what works and what doesn’t?  I mean, you can spend copious amounts of time and money prospecting for real estate leads with no results whatsoever.  So what can we do? Well for starters you need […]

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Referral Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

referral marketing strategies

Today we’re breaking down the top referral marketing strategies for real estate agents.  Why?  Because it’s a HUGE topic of interest right now.  Inventory is at record lows and the cost of (crap) internet leads is at an all time high. Whether or not you’ve already been duped into buying internet leads or ‘premier agent’ […]

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