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Create the best listing presentation in 9 steps

best listing presentation

When it comes to creating the best listing presentation there are two kinds of agents.  The Type-A’s who follow a strict outline and script; and the ones who “wing it”.  Regardless of which direction you choose to go in, in order to create the best listing presentation for you, you’ll need to follow 9 simple […]

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A real estate listing presentation template to help you get more listings

listing presentation template

I fully understand that coming up with the perfect real estate listing presentation template is really, really difficult.  You never really know what your competitor’s presentations look like so it’s hard to gage where yours is at.  And knowing what you should include in your real estate listing presentation template is a tough thing to figure […]

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7 of the Best Sample Listing Presentations on The Internet

sample listing presentations

Searching for sample listing presentations can be a bit overwhelming.  After all, there are over 1.4 million sample listing presentations on alone. There are a lot of things to consider when you’re building your listing presentation and it’s hard to know what to include that will convert your appointments into listings.  Before we get into the best […]

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7 Natural Expired Listing Scripts That Aren’t Cheesy

expired listing scripts

You may or may not have found thousands of horrible expired listing scripts in your time as a real estate agent.  Maybe you used some of them, maybe they worked, or maybe you’ve given up on expired listings all together.  I’m here to give you some #REALTALK on expired listing scripts and we’re starting with […]

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