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real estate postcard ideas

Coming up with real estate postcard ideas can be difficult and there are countless cheesy options to choose from online.  But I want to give you a heads up on how to come up with your own real estate postcard ideas that work with your brand and your audience.

Follow the rules

First and foremost it’s important for you to follow all real estate marketing rules that apply to you when you’re coming up with a new real estate postcard idea.

Include your brokerage’s logo

Most states require that your brokerage’s logo be displayed more prominently that your name or logo.  Double check with your broker prior to mailing any materials.

Stay in your lane

Try to avoid giving advice on topics that are out of your scope of expertise.  Tax write offs as down payments among other gimmicks have been used in the past to lure buyers into making a move but this is a slippery slope my friend.  You’re not allowed to give tax, financial, or legal advice unless you’re licensed in said sector.  Stick to giving them something they can use like an upcoming event list, neighborhood watch information, or a map of local dog parks.

Skip the Gimmicks

Have a little respect for your audience and yourself as a professional real estate agent.  I know it’s tempting to make a joke about “scary interest rates” in October but please try to focus on providing value and not “hooking” your audience.

Provide Value

Center the focus of your real estate postcard ideas around providing takeaways that your audience will find interesting or helpful.  Some valuable content ideas include:

  • market statistics
  • local events coming up
  • your review of a new local business

Give them a coupon

A great way to provide value with your real estate postcard is to team up with a local business or vendor and offer to pay for the postcard if the business owner will include a special coupon just for your audience.

Stay consistent

A good real estate postcard marketing plan involves a consistent schedule of valuable content to drip on your audience.  Whatever you do, whatever you send, make sure it’s on a consistent basis.

Include a Call to Action

Keep your call to action on the back side of the postcard.  This is the side that they will see first because the post office stacks mail addressed side up.  A bold font that’s easy to read in a striking color will stand out best.  When forming your call to action make it tells them what to do; and be specific.  You can A & B test with your calls to action to see which work better than others.

Some examples of great calls to action include:

  • Call for a free comparative market analysis
  • Text to schedule a private showing
  • Email for a free seller handbook
  • Call to set up your free new listings portal

Stay on brand

It’s okay for your real estate postcards to have different content but try to keep with the same colors and fonts.  This will create some brand awareness and make your marketing start to work for you when they see it and immediately know it’s your postcard.

Your photo needs to be on both sides

The whole point of providing value and spending time dripping consistent content to your audience is so that they remember who you are and begin to trust you.  That’s a hard thing to ask for if you’re not willing to show your face!  Include your headshot on BOTH sides of each real estate postcard you send out.

I think I’ve made it pretty clear by now that you need to create your own real estate marketing postcards and that may sound REALLY scary to you but I promise it’s not.  Go here to get started.  Create a template with your branded colors, logos, disclosures, etc. and switch out the message and front photo for each campaign you run.

After you’ve signed up with Canva, check out these real estate postcard ideas and make them your own.

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Jenna Martindale

Jenna Martindale

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