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Excuses That Keep Your Business From Growing


This post is important.  Really, really important.  Talk is cheap.  And excuses are absolute poison to your business.  But we all do it.  Here are the most common ones that you, I, and everyone else in this industry has used to avoid what really needs to be done to truly grow their business. I don’t […]

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The Truth About My Real Estate Career

Let’s get real for a minute. I’m not the agent I was when I started.  I was a lot of things when I got into real estate. Excited.  Motivated.  And completely oblivious to how it would actually, really change my life. Just before I began my real estate career I had reached a point in […]

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Create the best listing presentation in 9 steps

best listing presentation

When it comes to creating the best listing presentation there are two kinds of agents.  The Type-A’s who follow a strict outline and script; and the ones who “wing it”.  Regardless of which direction you choose to go in, in order to create the best listing presentation for you, you’ll need to follow 9 simple […]

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